2012 Z1 Rally

Riddle's Creek, March 1 - 4

By Lex Piper

Approximately 200 Kawasaki Z Owners members and Kawasaki Z1 enthusiasts from all corners of Australia endured wide spread inclement weather conditions as we gathered at Riddle's Creek, Victoria to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the world release of the Z1-900 and the 20th Birthday of the Kawasaki Z Owners Club - Victoria.

The event commenced on Thursday evening with a welcome dinner, preview of the following days Mad Max Scene Location Ride (Mad Max was shot in and around Little River, just down the road from the Rally site) and a brief address by Dale Bensch (Dale was a prominent motorcycle stunt man in the Mad Max movies). Dale's address was followed by a Q&A session, which proved to be quite entertaining!

Thankfully, Friday morning was dry, so while some of the ladies headed out for a winery bus tour, approximately 130 riders, accompanied by a replica Mad Max Falcon Coupe and a few movie-replica Z1's, headed off to visit six prominent scene locations around the Little River, Point Wilson and Avalon area, starting at Kirk's Bridge. This stretch of road was used extensively in the filming of Mad Max.

Dale showed us the spot he had kindly received a following bikes front tyre to the back of his head during filming (urban myth has suggested for many years that the rider involved had been killed - Dale's presence helped to prove that myth incorrect!). The memory of all the bikes (mostly Zed's) stretching into the distance on the desolate roads in an image that will remain etched in all attendees memories for ever!
Saturday morning arrived and a small but committed group of riders went on a short ride up to Mount Macedon. They endured further damp conditions only to return to base for the start of the open day and endure even more damp conditions.

The worsening rain kept many public day trippers home in bed. The array of Zeds on display, estimated to be well over $1M in value, was a sight previously unseen, leaving even the 'die hards' gasping in awe. Many of them carried the look of a kid in a lolly shop all week-end!

Saturday night culminated in a presentation dinner and presentation of awards:

Best Z1 Ridden:            Dave Cotterell (SA)

Best Z1 Displayed:        Des Saunders (Vic)

Best Z1A:                     Rod Harris (Tas)

Best Z1B:                     Rob Barbour (Vic)

Best Z900:                    Glen Bryant (Tas)

Best Z1R1000:               Brian Meek (SA)

Best Z1RMK2:                Igor Krasnowsky (Vic)

Best other Z Series:       Mark Embacher (Z650) (Vic)

Best Rat:                      Ronald Brand (Vic)

Most km's ridden:          Blinkers Crew (WA)

Hard Luck Award:          Craig Dickson (WA - broke down on the way)

Best Custom:               Chris Ward (SA)

People's Choice:           Mark Rees (Z1100) Vic)

Those attending the rally from long distances showed some amazing commitment, but they all seemed pleased to have made the trip. The friendship evident amongst old and new friends was also a highlight.

Credit goes to the Z Owners volunteers who worked tirelessly to ensure the events success - and it's only another 10 years until the Z1-50 years!

Thanks to Graham at Z1 Spares for supplying prizes for the event.

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